The Mother of All Marches

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In a circuitous route by way of Seattle, Boston and Rochester, New York, I made my way to Washington DC last weekend for The March. So if I was in the air for the Inauguration ceremony, I considered that a good thing. Well above the clouds, all I could think at that moment was “not my president.”

Alas, I had to land.

I was not the only one to arrive exclaiming about a “planeload of women.” Whether by air, bus, train, or car, we all had that experience. By the hundreds of thousands, indeed millions, we poured into the city for The Women’s March on Washington. And on Saturday our March would dwarf Friday’s Inaugural event down the same Pennsylvania Avenue for The Emperor Who Has No Clothes.

This is a story that can be told in garments. The army of women who poured into DC could be called The Comfortable Shoe Crowd. Dressed in jeans, parkas, and fleece, wearing running shoes or hiking boots, we had miles to go and mileage on our minds. From grandmothers to little girls, many donned pink knit “pussy hats.”

At the intersection of Inaugural Ball attendees and this army of women entering town on Friday evening, it looked just like what it was: a coup d’etat. I saw it in the outfits on the sidewalks, crosswalks, and in our restaurant. It was like Dior and Jessica McClintock meet Eddie Bauer and North Face.

Couples dressed to the nine’s, the women barely able to walk in stilettos and long lean gowns with slits, and tuxedoed men weaving and rolling about like a penguins on ice. They were far and few, whereas the women coming in for The March traveled in packs and were numerous. And from what I saw, all the camaraderie too was on our side.

DC was packed, as was the fabulous Greek/Mediterranean restaurant Zaytinya. Fortunately we had reservations, occupying large round tables, sharing multiple small plates and wine with a great deal of noise and merriment. Among us in the restaurant were occasional couples at tables for two dressed for the Ball. But it was as if they had lost, for every time a pink pussy hatted client walked through the room, the crowd broke out in cheer.

They may have won the election, but the evening was counterintuitive. And the next day with The March on Washington, as well as all the marches that marched in solidarity around the country and the globe. And we will keep on marching until everyone sees it and shouts, “But the Emperor has no clothes.”



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12 responses to “The Mother of All Marches

  1. SJC121

    With your permission, I’d like to print your observation to include with packet I’m putting away for each of my granddaughters. Each will get a handmade “pussy hat” by Gramma, a copy of the organizer’s mission packet and a few news reports of our hometown event. Thank you for representing those of us who could not travel to Washington DC. My hope is that issues highlighted on 01/21/17 will be kept in before the public and permanent solutions found.

  2. Wow! What an amazing experience! I was able to march in Seattle and it was such an awe-inspiring event.

  3. My sister was there in DC and I was sad that I had to miss out. I could only get a feel for what was going on through her snaps, but it was invigorating. I cant imagine how amazing it was to be there.

    • Walking along with the crowd, one can’t really appreciate the magnitude. It wasn’t until I climbed a bleacher (left over from the Inaugural parade the day before) that I could begin to comprehend. And then of course, the aerial photos and videos… So, you’ve seen it!

  4. Tug

    Kim, lovely to read your account, reported with your keen eye for detail. You really caught the feel of the March. And now, onward to the next march!!


  5. Alice B. Acheson



    We missed you here, but you added to the statistic that is making DJT apoplectic! Good for you!


    ========== Alice B. Acheson, Book Marketing/Publishing Consultant P. O. Box 735 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 360/378-2815 a little elbow room wrote on 1/25/2017 11:27 AM: > > a little elbow room posted: “Photo Credit: Ashley Mayer BY KIMBERLY > MAYER In a circuitous route by way of Seattle, Boston and Rochester, > New York, I made my way to Washington DC last weekend for The March. > So if I was in the air for the Inauguration ceremony, I consid” >

  6. John Coleman

    Thanks for marching, Kimberly! I have the feeling that the spirit of your marching is our hope for the country. Peace, John

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