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Finding Time (or Growing Mornings)

If I want to get anything done now, I have to squeeze it into the morning. That is where I am in life. Morning is my best time for doing anything. If only I could tell myself it’s always five o’clock in the morning somewhere!


It wasn’t always this way. Like the sun & the moon & the tides and & seasons, the best time of day changes with well, time.

In adolescence, it was clearly the night. I wasn’t alone in having enormous  energy all night long, and difficulty rising anytime before noon. High schools should be rescheduled into night schools to accommodate for this phenomena. The hard part would be finding teachers. Students might have to police themselves and run their own curriculum. Older adults and high school students would totally miss each other, and perhaps that would be a good thing.

We are either Morning People, Afternoon People, or Night People, and as we age, we change tribes. I haven’t figured out who the Afternoon People are.

“I know this much,” writes Julian Barnes in The Sense of an Ending, “…. there is objective time, but also subjective time, the kind you wear on the inside of your wrist, next to where the pulse lies. And this personal time, which is true time, is measured in your relationship to memory.”

Which reminds me to get busy and redesign my clock. I would have it that the clock read a.m. all day long, and only go into p.m. at night, when I want to wind down. Mornings simply aren’t long enough anymore, and if I am going to accomplish anything in life I must try to absorb the Afternoons too—until someone comes around to claim them.


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