How to Love a Truck


We all knew it would rock Hunter’s world when his baby brother was born. But no one guessed how indebted we’d be to a toy cement truck to help him navigate it. A construction yellow truck emblazoned with CAT in black that beeps recorded back up noises and churns—making tons of noise, if not cement.

Cement truck, Cement pumper, Skid loader, Tanker 

Who knew how many construction trucks a three year old would know? As I go out into the world and see it through his eyes now, I realize I know nothing. 

Backhoe, Box truck, Flatbed, Frontend loader, Forklift 

“How about a food truck?” I ask.

“It’s not a construction vehicle, Mere,” he says. 

Excavator, Crane, Grader, Ariel lift, Front End Loader

A day on the beach with Hunter is a construction site. He arrives in a red wagon loaded with a convoy of trucks and shovels and proceeds to build. To demolish, and build again. 

Bulldozer, Service truck, Roller, Scissor lift, Cherry Picker

At home Hunter and I work at a table where I write and he draws. Whatever he draws–just as whatever he builds–becomes real. Crayons go fast in his fist, paying no heed to the lines in a coloring book. Whereas I walk the line in my notebook, one at a time. Yet somehow we find our stride, Hunter and I. One fast colorist, and a long, slow proceduralist with writing.


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6 responses to “How to Love a Truck

  1. I completely love this piece on so many levels. I adore that it allows us to see life through the eyes of a 3 year old on a mission. It is just so dear. Well done!

  2. Tug Yourgrau

    Kim, such a wonderful piece. So rich and well constructed. You offer us the poetry of truck names and the image of you and Hunter at work together. Thank you.

    Tug Yourgrau 617.797.9674


  3. beatrice carla wright

    A clear difference between the interests of boys and girls. The beach outing could have been with Barbie dolls! Regardless, precious time with your first grandson, Hunter.

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