Higher and Higher

photo by Paul Mayer



Hunter is here. My, how one newborn baby has turned everyone’s lives upside down in our family.

For twenty-two months and what-felt-like-years, we lived, breathed, and awaited The Mueller Report. Yes, we went about our lives as best we could, but always in the background—or foreground—loomed The Mueller Report. When would it finally come out, and would we live to see it? In some intricate loop in my mind, I’m sure I saw the release of his report as the gateway to the end of the dishonesty, self-dealing, and treasonous acts in our country’s administration.

I had an awful lot riding on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We all did.

Then Friday, after two long difficult days, our daughter gave birth to a little boy. Somewhere in the course of pacing and hand wringing, we got wind of the fact that Robert Mueller had finished his report and delivered it to the attorney general. Our daughter at the time was somewhere between labor and a Caesarian, and I’m like, “Robert who?”

There just wasn’t, and hasn’t been since, room for it on our personal newsfeed. Turns out, of course, The Mueller Report still hasn’t been released.

For now in our family, it’s all about Hunter. And this young couple’s job to raise an honest, intelligent, caring boy in this world.

That’s how I’m seeing it. A better world by one.


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7 responses to “Higher and Higher

  1. Deb Derrick

    wonderful, as ever. and the best part, of course, is hunter. congratulations.

  2. Joy abounds and life keeps going round the sun!

  3. Val

    So happy! This will be a love like never before♥️

  4. Hi Kim, wonderful post. I love the way you link the two deliveries. Welcome, Hunter, to a topsy-turvy world. We hope you grow up in a more sane, compassionate and hopeful world than you’ve just entered.
    Love, Tug

  5. You have no idea how your life will change… all for the good. Say, were those ropes with the flags attached how they pulled Paul up the mountain?

  6. Thank you, Kim, for reminding us of what really matters! So happy for you and yours!

  7. tony

    wonderful — Hunter is a beauty

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