The Color Orange

I am sitting here at A T & T Stadium in San Francisco on a bright sunny afternoon with the Giants well ahead of the Brewers, looking out to a sold out crowd–half of whom are dressed in orange–and wondering how it was that I once had a problem with that color? But I did. While all other colors on the spectrum were natural to me, I saw orange as the color of plastic, and I abhorred it. I had to work on that. And that I did, out in the garden, making myself plant not with my customary whites or pastels, but with oranges. I found oranges and blues, oranges and purples, particularly exciting, and I grew to love the color orange that summer. How liberating! I was cured.

Maybe I’ve been a sleepy blue Mariner fan too long but now that I can embrace it, the color orange really is brighter, more wide awake. Fans are happier here. And looking out to them I have the same thought I had at the last Giants game I attended: hoping that they all know how extraordinarily fortunate they are to live here, and knowing too, that they do. It’s all over their faces.


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2 responses to “The Color Orange

  1. Lynn Dunn

    Yes we are very lucky….and they won too!

  2. I, too, have had orange issues, possibly because I tend to be pink and was always told it was not a color that flattered me. Then I discovered persimmons, mangos, the Calder sculpture in the park, and the leaves on my Bradford Pear trees. My son–the one who looks most like me–wears orange all the time and he looks great, so I can only assume I was given bad advice, or that I was fool enough to listen

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